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Neverwinter is easily my favorite
We have already gone through the basics of the upcoming Workshop system and as part of our massive coverage of the new module, I’d like to talk about the new profession vendors and exchange system today. Especially the latter needs some attention as players can actually prepare for the new system by stocking up old resources.  Out of the three MMORPGs available on Xbox One, Neverwinter Astral Diamonds is easily my favorite. Perfect World Entertainment has created a truly massive multiplayer role playing game that boasts tons of content and frequent updates such as the Underdark expansion.

With free-to-play, you get a wide range of situations, from games that really want you to subscribe and will torment you until you do to games that monetize the crap out of every last little jot and tittle. With Neverwinter, much like Star Trek Online, Cryptic decided to take a very hands off approach to trying to squeeze money out of you from the get-go. Instead, you can theoretically jump in the game, play any class, go to any zone, and never have to pay one red cent.

It’s a good time to be a guild in Neverwinter. That’s because on August 11th, every guild no matter how large or small will get their own massive zone to adventure and build a base of operations in when the game seventh free expansion, aptly named Strongholds, releases. Just how massive is massive? When Executive Producer Rob Overmeyer states that the area is easily three times larger than Neverwinter largest zone, he’s not exaggerating!

Perfect World will be releasing the latest expansion to their Dungeons & Dragons based MMO Neverwinter, Strongholds. With its action-based combat, fantastic locations, and relatively simple mechanics, Neverwinter managed to hold me enough to get to the endgame, but unfortunately it was there when I stopped playing. Fortunately, with Neverwinter AD I might finally have a reason to get back to the game.

Before we touch on the many changes of the new Workshop system, I’d like to mention the aspects that are still very similar and will look familiar. There is an extensive intro quest line by the way that will walk you through the system. The game is actually doing a decent job of porting its players over. That shouldn’t go unnoticed. That expansion did not arrive without controversy, however. A few last minute changes and event cancellations have many players riled up.

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